In today’s world and in the moments and seconds we spend architecture as well as other issues shapes in a complex and contradictory context that is the nature of our time and place. Context that on the one hand is the carrier of culture, climate, history, politics, energy, resources and beauty and on the other hand has convinced by other factors such as technology, advertising, marketing, investment, services, environmental issues, sustainability, etc. The combination of all these factors creates urban texture, structures form, spatial quality, and visual culture that in overall builds today’s human experience of place. In fact, the structure of cities and buildings directly or indirectly makes main formation of business, values, identity and in general human life. They are the creators of the quality and quantity of today’s human life. Architecture defines and revives the style, technique and quality of human life in every moment and every place on this planet. Architecture anywhere and at any time, brings human creating a new experience of his life and this means the ultimate glory of human authority in shaping its presence. So we are free to define and draw own self. We can upgrade or reduce our presence quality and device is architecture. With conviction and awareness of the fact and reality of what makes up our lives contents is in this moment and past or future are nothing but untouchable thoughts that are unreal, we realized this point that: real architecture is architecture arising from the contents, requirements and needs of the moment in here. So i don’t call it neither architecture nor urban design and not even design but i call it here-now style. And what i am accordingly sought to create is a world full of inspiration, space, structure and original objects belonging to it’s time and place and away from any stuntman; appearances; shortage and in short, impurities. I firmly believe that we can live in a whole different world, a world full of real perception of space and time. Space and time that makes us the structure of world and structure that at the same time is predetermined is constantly changing disrupting, birthing, dying and resurrecting. Cities, buildings, goods and our systems from the beginning has been based on the same structure and now design is not going to solve problems but to provide an accurate and orderly system from built environment. In the meantime, Here-now style is about improving our lives to be beautiful, delicate, pure and more practical by providing such accurate and regular system. All i wish in shavmadbana is to make it possible for mankind to experience his contemporary presence anywhere on the planet and every individual of my contemporaries to live in own time and space. To make him free from the past’s nostalgia and future fantasies and experiences his contemporary pure culture and live. To have full experience of life we must be aware and present in the moment and if living in the past and future is a mental habit, we have to change our habits of mind.