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Shavmadbana architectural firm was founded in 2010 by offering a new style of architectural services we call Here-Now style. Here-Now is an innovative architectural practice. Over the past 5 years the practice has pioneered a sustainable work, from urban master plan, public open spaces, residential complexes, service user buildings to interior design projects. Since its inception Shavmad has implemented more than 30 projects in this style in all around the country. We follow the construction and rehabilitation of vernacular architecture’s indicators in buildings that are modern. In other words we offer modern vernacular architecture. Our vision is to present a novel and at the same time a distinct quality for human settlements rooted in the vernacular characteristics of any place.

Our clients will be ensured that :

  • They have unique design for their project not seen previously.
  • Cost will be one of the basic elements of their project design.
  • Climate and ecology in all the aspects will be considered in their project design.


From the beginning we have been pioneer vernacular approach to modern architecture. Through work that encompasses a wide range, from master plans to furniture. Our approach is sensitive to location and time, often combining the latest advances in building technology with techniques derived from vernacular tradition, and we deploy our resources including the skills, enthusiasm and knowledge of integrated design teams, clients and communities to create an inspirational, attractive and efficient environment. In Shavmadbana by working together and using innovative methods from the start of a project, architects and engineers combine their knowledge to devise integrated, sustainable design solutions. From appointment to completion, the design teams are supported by numerous in-house disciplines, including project management and a construction review panel. And to ensure an acceptable interaction and personal efficiency of all members, a central controlling team will scrutinize all the process, from beginning to end.

Design Board

The design of each project is reviewed regularly, both formally and informally, under the direction of the Design Board, which is led by founder and Chairman. The Design Board has full responsibility for design within the office. While its involvement is important in the early, conceptual design phases, it ensures continuity and quality at every stage of a project, as well as encouraging the sharing of expertise across the project teams. The Design Board was created in the atmosphere of challenging and being challenged. It also plays an important role in stimulating research, as well as in arranging specialized groups in various workshops such as urban design and sustainability.



Architecture department represents all design services from zero to 2 architectural phase and also supervision of construction for residential, commercial, official, educational, health service and sport service buildings.

Urban Design

Urban design department represents all services in comprehensive and detailed urban plan preparation, design of view’ landscape and urban furniture, organizing design and reviving urban distressed areas, organizing design for suburban and urban slums, organizing design for riverbank and urban watercourses, urban design of city or new towns.

Landscape Design

Landscape design department represents all services include determine the type and layout of the plant species, defined level of planting, trails and roadway design, sculpture and fountain design, pavilions and sheds design, for green spaces, parks, courtyards, open areas, and gardens.

Interior Design

Interior design department provides design services for the interiors of buildings including residential, official, commercial, service user, educational, health service and sport service buildings. The services include interior design, decoration and it’s layout, furniture and it’s layout, lighting, ornaments and supervision / implementation ( at the request of the employer ).


Structure department will provide all the structure and static calculations of the projects including steel, concrete or  special structure.

Research & Sustainability

Research & sustainability department in shavmadbana doing all preliminary investigation on projects ranging from architecture, urban design, landscape, interior design and structure. So has a key role in the design and the process of its formation. Research carried out with a sustainable approach and achieve sustainable solutions to minimize energy, money and manpower consumption and at the same time to maximize the thermal, psychological and economic comfort.


Odyssey Babasadeghian

She was born on may 14 1982 in gorgan/iran. After graduating from hamedan azad university college of architecture in 2004 she took second place in master exam of islamic azad university and entered tehran central branch college of art & architecture, and gained a master’s degree in architecture in 2007. During her master courses؛ she started consistently and purposefully working in architectural companies and continued until 3 years after her graduation. This way she gains professional experience to work independently. In 2010 she co-founded her first company shavmadbana and continued her professional activity in four domains of architecture, interior design, landscape and urban design. Shavmadbana has founded in tehran, it is now a countrywide practice, with projects in more than 10 states. Over the past five years the company has been responsible for a strikingly wide range of work, from urban master plans, civic and cultural buildings, offices and workplaces to private houses and Interior design. Odyssey babasadeghian has also, teaching architecture courses in islamic azad university and during these years she wrote many articles and papers about architecture that all show her main concern about quality of contemporary architecture and something she names here-now style. The style she seeks to fulfill in shavmadbana.


The partnership board is the key decision making board of the practice, it comprises founder ODYSSEY BABASADEGHIAN , EHSAN YAZDANPANAH , SOMAYYEH FATHI , NAGHME RASTEGAR , AMIRHOSSEYN ATYABI and HAMIDREZA BABASADEGHIAN. It is responsible for the day-to-day management of the practice, its strategic direction and the setting of budgets, financial reviews and forecasts. Its members are directors of shavmadbana ltd.


Manager of Architecture Department


Manager of Urban Design Department


Manager of Landscape Department


Manager of Interior Design Department


Manager of Structure Department


Manager of Research and Sustainability Department


Deputy Head of Architecture Department


Deputy Head of Urban Design Department


Deputy Head of Urban Landscape Department


Deputy Head of Interior Design


Deputy Head of Structure Department


Deputy Head of Research & Sustainability Department


Azadeh Aalipoor , Mona Mirzad , Mahboobe Shabanali , Pegah Hemmat , Azade Shehni


Azad Eftekhari , Narjes Darai


Zahra Rastegar


Sima Maaleki , Fateme Sarchooni , Clara Salehi


Peyman Dehghani


Vahid Ghorbani , Farbod Khaki , Shirin Sadat Lalezari