Maleki House

Year :  2016
Location :  Golestan ( Gorgan ) – IRAN
Area :  160 sq.m.

Type :  Interior Design
Client :  Mr.  Maleki

Architect :  Odyssey Babasadeghian


In the first step of maleki project we Reviewed the plans and made some changes to attain owners demands, in a way that not only we could Organize the spaces and make their relation Appropriate, but also we achieved to essential needs in creating spatial proportion in walls, and Eventually we managed to create a suitable relation between general design, interior design and the walls designed pattern.

In this way all the rooms and bathroom were removed and the entire design of the private section were revised and designed again so that the long and useless hallway between three former rhombic shape rooms and the bathroom were removed and three orthogonal room without any spare connecting space were designed.

Both of the master bed room and guest room were design with separated bathrooms And the work room entrance were placed in master bedroom according to owners desire so that helped to reduce the extra connectional space in hallway and to add that space to rooms.

To change the pipeline in order to construct the design, the floor in private area were raised up in extent of 20 centimeter.

The central Skylight which had a small curved window in one side and had no opening in other ones, were redesigned to have a picturesque figure in addition to enter the adequate amount of light to the entrance and tv area.

The tv room and the living room were separated with a new design and a new spatial definition were injected in through the elements of interior design.

The kitchen were divide into the clean and dirty area in which contains all the needed facilities and an island that could have different usage. Moreover the kitchen connected Terrace were designed (with Barbecue, breakfast table, adequate lighting…) in order to be a place for eating having brunch.

In designing the maleki house features of Iranian architecture were considered and native architectural elements were used which could be seen in pictures and render shots.

Some examples of these native elements are: rustic brick, handmade tiling, colored glasses with the shape of torkman carpets, Geometric shapes in aali ghapu Palace, using of some native materials like jajim and natural wood in guest room Along with Cement walls as an conceptual view to native architecture in ziarat village near gorgan.


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