Behnoosh Beauty Salon

Year :  2016 ( June – October )
Location :  Tehran ( Farmanieh ) – IRAN
Area :  80 sq.m.

Type :  Interior Space and Exhibition Design
Client :  Ms. Behnoosh Chavosh

Architect :  Odyssey Babasadeghian


Overly regarding to project’s limitations problems and needs was tried to propose an optimal solutions for project’s matters by answering the requirement limitations and difficulties in less time with minimum cost and best quality. this challenge inspired me to come up with this project.


Previously the area of Behnoosh beauty salon was around 120 square meters and the number of costumers was between 30 to 50 per day. Now we had to move to a new place with total area of 80 square meters, so we needed to consider same requirements witch mentioned in plan requirement with more limitations in this new place. On the other hand this salon is located in the wealthy part of Tehran witch people mostly are noble and luxurious with such a culture and tastes. So regarding to these subjects we attempt to keep function of place and the identity of space, considering to the necessities of project’s function and location.


Users of place stated that are more comfortable here, rather than previous salon and it is because of more facilities, standard lighting and ventilation and beautiful-bright environment. but the most usual thing, almost all client and users said about this place was about it’s special style in design that while is modern, remind them the familiar-vernacular architecture of their own country, Iran.


The project started in June 2016 in Tehran and finished in October 2016 in Tehran, and was opened in October 5th.


Regarding to the main concept witch is showing in plans and photos, we prefer to remove the existing walls of the north room and add the space of this room plus to half of the living room to the main salon. In order to blocking the windows visibility from outside (this is a rule in Iran that interior of women beauty salon’s should not be visible from outside because of privacy matters), the mirrors of salon are designed in the way that cover the windows and also can be open when it is necessary. This way view of outside has blocked and at the same time makes it possible to use advantages of natural light and ventilation. This also resulting in more efficient use of limited space. To provide indirect and at the same time standard-complete lighting, especially in main saloon 7 arches was designed on the ceiling of salon. these arches in combination with rotary-animated lights that is installed along each arch provide standard-indirect lighting in salon. On the other layer we attempt to design and implement almost all furniture, Including tables a number of chairs wardrobes and shelves regarding to optimum use of space. Most of the tables couches have also application of wardrobeand that help to have more efficient use of limited space. Existing fireplace redesigned with a new form in harmony with the scheme of walls and ceilings. So it can provide part of the heating needs as well. All floors and walls of wet spaces, is covered by one kind of antibacterial anti-smudge White stone. For water conduit of salon have used the conduit of former bathroom. So it has prevented an extra cost to implementing a new water conduit.


Area 80 Square Meters Plan Requirement 8 table & mirrors 3 washbasin 2 manicures & 2 pedicure desks One color desk & one color box Bride room with all equipment Wax room Receptionist & waiting Extra toilet Kitchen with coffee table Standard lighting Standard ventilation Limitations & Rules Blocking windows view Embedding the water conduit in salon floor Antibacterial and washable flooring Blocking the view from the entrance door to the hall 5. Lack of space due to project’s physical plan.


First we started to do field studies in the previous salon and designing the questionnaire and interviewing with users and clients to find a clues for design. During our first analyze and researches we noticed that almost all clients came to this beauty salon want to have a consultation before they start and then have a comfortable space with standard seats, lighting, ventilations and etc, and one of most important things that they mentioned was about natural ventilation. they wanted to have natural view, air and ventilation in their beauty salon. also these women are wealthy people. Iranian-wealthy women who have their own culture, history, traditions, religion that all affects on their sentience and needs. On the other hand there were salonstaffs. They had a little different point of view about this subject that was more practical and economical. most of them prefer to work in a modern, minimal and practical salon instead. So we had to answer these main needs of our design’s contacts in this project.


The most challenging part of this design was to supplying the functional needs of a 120 square meters beauty salons in the limited space of a 80 square meters residential apartment. actually, lack of space was the hardest part of this design.



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